Welcome to Wild Connect! We’re a company that provides consultation and environmental monitoring services for all your land management needs – a.k.a. cheap and robust biodiversity data. We also work in the education and public engagement sector to reconnect local communities and schools with the wild and expand our biodiversity archive with citizen science.

Reconnect with Nature: Rediscover the Wonders of the Outdoors

Rediscover the wonders of the outdoors and experience the many benefits of spending time in nature. From improved physical fitness and mental health, to gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for the environment, spending time outside is essential to our well-being. Our initiative encourages individuals to engage in outdoor activities, explore the natural world, and reconnect with the environment around them.

Listening to Nature: Ecosystem Monitoring Service

Our ecosystem monitoring service helps protect the environment by using advanced acoustic sensors to capture and analyze data about the sounds of animal and plant species, providing valuable information to scientists and conservationists.

Empowering Communities: School and Public Engagement Projects

Our School and Public Engagement Projects empower communities to take action on environmental issues by providing educational opportunities and outreach initiatives that help individuals and groups better understand the impact of their actions and take steps towards a more sustainable future.

Why monitor biodiversity and environments?

The decline in species poses an existential and economic threat, as they provide crucial ecosystem services, such as pollinating crops, recycling waste, sequestering CO2, protecting soil from erosion, predating pests, diverting flooding, and forming a key part of the food chain. According to the latest Living Planet Report by WWF, there are ⅓ fewer animals, plants, fungi, and microorganisms alive today than there were 50 years ago, and this trend is accelerating. The UN, EU, and UK have implemented policies to halt this decline, providing financial incentives to landowners to monitor and restore local biodiversity. However, certified evidence must be provided to receive these incentives, and that’s where we come in.

Wild Connect: Fostering Connections with the Natural World to Save Our Planet

At Wild Connect, we recognize the unfortunate reality that wild places are disappearing and countless species are facing extinction. We believe that this great spasm of extinction is happening in our time, and that unless we act, our own wild heartbeat will be silenced. Our mission is to address the disconnection between humans and nature that lies at the heart of this collapse, and to establish meaningful connections with the natural world. By fostering a sense of interconnectedness and respect for the environment, we strive to promote the conservation and restoration of Earth’s natural beauty.