Connecting people with nature is our business and our inspiration.

Mission Statement:

We are deeply committed to sharing our story and the tools we use, to help create balance on Earth and in human hearts through nature-connection.

Let’s come together in the pursuit of a ‘wilder Earth’. 


Around the world countless wild heartbeats are being stilled in a great dying of extinction; in this collapse of Earth’s natural beauty, we believe that our own wild heartbeat will not be spared. At Wild Connect, we will confront the void that separates us from nature and fill it with heartfelt, health-giving and gainful connections with the natural world.

Our Values:

We come from different nations but are united by our values – caring, brave, curious, creative, inclusive, vibrant, humorous, committed, soulful, ethical, principled, compassionate, kind and empathic. We are a company who will always strive to deliver at the highest quality and to be transparent in all our dealings – amongst ourselves and with our followers and clients.