The Biophone

Find the wild near you – in your street, gardens, walks, ponds there is nature and our Biophone acoustic device can record it.

Become part of our global community recording the Earth’s sounds and help our work to protect it. 

The Wild Connect App

Take the wild with you – in your hands, our app can create soul-stirring trails of your surroundings to showcase the wonders of your favourite haunts.

Spread your fascination of nature amongst friends, visitors, guests, club members and fellow enthusiasts.

Wild Connect Film

Showcase the wild – let Wild Connect and our stellar media-partners produce content, to grace your media, your website, your convention, your conference.

Help connect your audience with the wild places of the Earth.

Wild Connect Educational

Knowledge is power – no matter the age, humans are curious and given information will act.

Together we can learn about the wild, expand minds and build resilience.