What we Offer

Conducting traditional environmental surveys can be a time-consuming and costly process that often requires significant expertise. At our organization, we take a different approach. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we’ve developed an automated and simplified system that provides deeper insights at a lower cost, and can be used by non-experts. Curious to know how we achieve this?


We deploy our Bioacoustic recorders (The Biophone) in a given area and begin collecting sound data. This can feature animal calls/movement, plant metabolism, and weather.

We analyze the sound data using statistical methods and machine learning to gain insight into overall biodiversity and species occurrence. This analysis helps us get a snapshot and/or track long-term trends of biodiversity and establish the current state and trajectory of a local environment. We provide an authenticated certificate of assessment and further advice based on the analysis.

As we continually improve our process, the data we collect is used to build an archive that re-trains our machine-learning algorithms and adds greater functionality to our software and hardware. Join us in our mission to protect the environment and become part of our global community recording the Earth’s sounds.


At Wild Connect, we believe that the power of citizen science and public engagement is key to our mission of promoting the conservation and restoration of Earth’s natural beauty. We are committed to expanding our reach and getting more people involved in our efforts. By encouraging participation from schools and the public, we can collect more data and insights, and increase awareness and appreciation of the natural world. We believe that this collaborative approach is essential in addressing the global challenge of biodiversity loss and protecting our planet for future generations.

At Wild Connect, we offer a unique and affordable environmental monitoring service through our Biophone pipeline. Our approach is designed to be robust, easy to use, and adaptable to a wide range of applications. Whether you need to track biodiversity in a local area or want to conduct a large-scale monitoring project, we can provide a bespoke solution that meets your needs. We work closely with local personnel and communities to ensure the success of our projects and the preservation of natural habitats.